Thursday, 11 August 2011

Tips to make your Ganesha Green!!!!

Want to celebrate Ganeshotsav but don`t want to harm the environment? Here are tips for you!
  1. Green Idol: Do not buy Ganesh idols made from PoP (Plaster of Paris) instead look for idols made from paper Mache, clay or install a metal idol.
  2. Green paint: While choosing a clay model, make sure that the colors used on it are eco friendly and do not contain metallic compounds which can be poisonous for the aquatic life.
  3. Smaller Size: Reduce the size of the ganesh idol you bring home, this will reduce the harm caused by its immersion.
  4. Green Decorations: Instead of going for decoration made from thermocol, use innovative ideas for decorations like colorful flowers, lights, cloth drapes.
  5. Simple Celebrations: Go for a simple celebration which keeps the essence of the festival alive along with the traditional and religious aspects of it.
  6. Green Immersions: On the day of immersion, immerse your idols at artificial ponds in your area do not immerse them in rivers, lakes or sea.
  7. Disposing Waste: Do not throw the flowers, garlands in the water while immersion, dispose them in a paper bag in the nirmalya or waste bins installed by the municipality.
  8. No nuisance, please: Also while you take your idol for immersion, avoid using bands or huge speakers which causes nuisance to young and old alike.
  9. Common Celebration: Talk to your family and friends and help reduce the number of idols immersed by having a common Ganesh idol. This will not only reduce the strain on environment but also increase the joy of the festival.

Where Can I Get Eco Friendly Ganesha In Pune?

Paper mache idols.
Paper mache Ganesh idols are eco-friendly alternative to be opted for, after Shaadu Idols. Paper mache idols are prepared by crushing paper and using a specific technique to give hardness and a desired shape.

Advantages of paper mache idols:
  1. It is comparatively environment friendly
  2. Thus it reduces a great deal of toxins in water which would have entered the ecosystem through POP idols.
  3. Lighter than Shaadu idols.
We provide eco-friendly idols made of paper mache, you can contact us on 9623445783.

We provide eco-friendly ganesha’s idol in following sizes:-

10", 12" 15", 18", 22" & 25" 

12" idols

                           15" Idol
18" Idols
                         22" idol

Apart from the above, we also have idols in diffrent shapes and designs.

So, HURRY book your Beloved Ganesha now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*the pictures given above and actual may differ a bit in some cases.

How to celebrate GANESH CHATURTI in an eco friendly way?

The Ganesha Festival is just few days away. A great chance for nature lovers to set their hands on an eco-friendly ganpati idol….

We all know that, after immersions on the 11th day. Visiting the beach on the next day of immersion is a pathetic sight. You see the beach full un-dissolved idol limbs, polythene bags, flowers, thermocol, plastics, and toxic chemical dyes.

This Ganesh Chaturthi, Puneites can revive the their beloved nature by using Ganesh idols made of paper mache, while saving the environment at the same time. We have come up with this initiative of selling biodegradable Ganesh idols made from paper mache. Hand-sculpted by traditional sculptors village, the idols are painted with natural colours like turmeric for the ornaments and clothes, multani mitti for the skin colour and geroo for Ganesha’s seat and eco friendly paint.

So what could be the solution to the problem?

The only way we can reduce the impact of this festival is through community efforts. One of the reasons why Ganesh utsav started in the first place was to foster a feeling of community and unity among people and we again need to come together to reduce the damage we are doing on the environment.

Ways of minimizing the impact on environment-

Reducing the number of Ganesha idols. This can be done by having a few idols for a buildings, complexes and societies. Many families can come together and decide to celebrate the festival together, reducing the impact and increasing the joy of the festival.

Decreasing the size of Ganesh idols. Tougher regulations and more awareness are needed so that bigger idols are not immersed in the rivers and seas. These idols take more time to disintegrate and cause more damage to marine life.

Using eco friendly idols, paints and decorations. After reducing the number and size of the idols we need to look at the most eco friendly idol, paint and decorations and use it. Through innovation and originality we can surely celebrate ganesh utsav in the same lively manner but without harming our planet.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Ganpati Bappa Moriya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feeling great to launch a blog devoted to "OUR LOVING GANPATI BAPPA" , In few days we will be bringing Lord Ganesha to Our homes, so do think of his lovely creation this earth and bring home ECO-FRIENDLY GANESHA. This blog will give you ideas related to eco-friendly celebration of Ganesh Utsav.

So, keep on reading.................................................................